The Short Cut


Time:15-20 minutes
Difficulty level: Easy, but requires an intuitive sense of direction

Tips: Locals often hike this trail between villages. At places the trail is not very clear; please pay attention to the general direction in which you need to go rather than trying to follow an exact trail. Do not do this hike if you are worried about getting lost in the hills. *if you plan to walk to the great wall park entrance you’ll need an additional 10 minutes

1.Turn left when you exit The Brickyard and walk for a minute or so to the first intersection. Turn right just after the row of green trash cans, heading uphill

2. At the y intersection turn right

3. Then turn left

4. Head down this road, past the big grey house with a wooden gate

5. At the end of the road you’ll see a couple of small stone steps. This is the beginning of the trail.

6. Follow the trail and stop about 20 steps up after the first well on your left side

7. You may or may not notice that there are two paths here. Take the one on your right that’s heading uphill

8. Keep following this small trail through the orchards. If you see this telephone pole on your left you’re on the right track

9.If you lose track of the trail just keep heading up and towards the valley on your right

10.You should end up in a small landing with views of the valleys on either side. Walk under this over hanging pine tree straight ahead to find the path that leads down to Mutianyu valley.

11.On the descent you’ll want to head down and towards your left. The path is rocky (and sometimes very slippery) Try to imagine which way water would flow downhill and follow that direction.

12. At the end of the trail walk straight past the first little orchard plot and take a right about 100-150 meters in

13. After turning right here you’ll turn left in about 50 meters and head through the orchard towards the main road

14. Take a right when you reach the main road and cross the little white bridge

15. Just after crossing the bridge make a u-turn and head up into Mutianyu village. The Schoolhouse will be on your right side (2 minutes) and great wall park entrance is about another 10-15 minute walk up.