The Short Cut


Time:15-20 minutes
Difficulty level: Easy, but requires an intuitive sense of direction

Tips: Locals often hike this trail between villages. At places the trail is not very clear; please pay attention to the general direction in which you need to go rather than trying to follow an exact trail. Do not do this hike if you are very worried about getting lost in the hills.

1. Turn left at the main road of Mutianyu, heading downhill.

2. Make a u-turn after you pass these flagpoles

3. Cross the little bridge and keep to your left; watch out for large tour buses that often drive too fast

4. At the first left turning road you’ll see the entrance to the hike. Follow this narrow dirt trail.

5. Walk through the first small orchard plot and make a right at the stone wall straight ahead

6. About 100 meters in take a left, following the trail

7. After turning left you’ll see 2 small dirt paths straight ahead. Take the one on your right.

8. After walking up this first little section with loose rocks the general direction you’ll want to head in is up and to your left

9. These rocks can get pretty slippery, please be careful

10. The top of the hill opens up to beautiful views on either side. Walk under this tree in the middle and find a little trail leading downhill, a little to your left

11. This trail will wind around the side of the hill for 2-3 minutes, then you’ll start to descend through orchards

12.This is where parts of the trail can get unclear. Head straight towards ‘sleeping Buddha mountain’ which looks like the profile of a face (the small pointed peak second to right in this picture is the Buddha’s nose).

13. If you see this telephone pole to your right you’re on the right track

14. Follow the path that water flows downhill

15. At the end you should see 3-4 stone steps leading to a concrete parking lot, there’s only 1 way out

16. Take your first right

17. first left

18. At the main road of Beigou village take a left for The Brickyard. Turning right will be a stroll through Beigou’s 5th avenue, towards Xiaolumian noodle hut