Official Trail

Mutianyu - Beigou

Time: about 1 hour
Difficulty level: Easy

Tips: This is an officially designated trail that’s very easy to follow. Two pagodas on this trail offer stunning views of the valleys and great wall.

1. Turn right when you exit The Schoolhouse and walk up through the main street of Mutianyu viilage

2. About 3 minutes up you’ll see the village store on your left side. Buy some bottled water & packaged chicken feet for your hike.

3. If you’d like to go to the great wall just keep walking up the same road. If you’d like to continue on the hike to Beigou then cross #4 parking lot (the one next to the guard station with roadblock) to the road on the opposite side

4. Take a left on this road, walk past the toll booth

5. Soon you’ll see Sleeping Buddha mountain (on the left side in this picture, it looks like the profile of a face looking skywards)

6. Keep an eye out for the beginning of the trail on your right side

7. This is it. Enjoy!

8. When you reach the main road of Beigou village take a left if you’d like to go to The Brickyard. Xiaolumian noodle hut is on the opposite side of this parking lot.