Official Trail

Beigou - Mutianyu

Time: about 1 hour
Difficulty level: Easy

Tips: This is an officially designated trail that’s very easy to follow. Two pagodas on this trail offer stunning views of the valleys and great wall.

1. Turn left when you exit The Brickyard, heading towards the great wall. Walk straight past the first intersection and through the main road of Beigou village until you reach the village hall (two story grey building). Head uphill on the path to your right.

2. Take the path in the middle

3. The trail begins at these wooden steps. Enjoy!

4. At the end of the trail turn left and walk along the main road. Please watch out for the park shuttles.

5. You’ll see Mutianyu village in the valley on your right after about ten minutes

6. Cross the first parking lot and take a left, heading uphill if you’d like to go to the great wall. If you’d like to go to The Schoolhouse take a right and walk downhill through the main road of Mutianyu (about 7 minutes)

7. The Schoolhouse will be on your left side