The Brickyard to The Schoolhouse

Brickyard - Great Wall

Time:1&1/2-2 hours
Difficulty level: ###

Introductory text.

Start out walking towards mountains.

Walk up the road through the brick buildings.

You will keep walking for about 5-10 minutes, passing small inns and restaurants. In the distance you can see a signboard, this is where you will begin to climb over the hill.

On your right, you should see the signboards, and the gently, well, some might say steep, paved path that leads up the hill, this is where you are headed.

Say your good-byes to Beigou village and begin to walk up the paved path that will lead to wooden stairs.

Climb up the wooden stairs; depending on the time of year you may be surrounded by chestnut trees full of leaves and fruit.

Climb up the hill, going through the pagoda, continue along the stone path until the path goes in two directions, turn LEFT.

Continue down the path, in the distance you should be able to see the Great Wall, or at least the mountains.

Please be careful as you walk the last part of the stone walk way, and watch out for tour buses as you get to the bottom.

When you get to the road, make a RIGHT; walk down the hill and remember to watch out for cars and tour buses leaving the park.

After walking for about 5-7 minutes you will approach the bridge and see the flags on the left, turn LEFT at this bridge and continue up the hill towards The Schoolhouse.

As you come up the hill you will see The Schoolhouse on your right; welcome, or welcome back to The Schoolhouse!